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Nurse Practitioners: A Solution to America’s Primary Care Crisis

Posted 12 months ago by Susan Conaty-Buck

Dear DCNP Members and Associates:

Please read this report and speak to your collaborators, patients and legislators about this issue.  This is especially critical in DE where primary care NPs and other primary care provides earn less than the Medicare rate.  The DE Task Force on Primary Care Reimbursement is studying this problem and looking for answers for DE.  However, the more NPs talk about this and share the facts, the more NPs will be recognized as an untapped resource to improve this situation.

Event Highlighting NPs and the Primary Care Shortage
Recently, an event was held at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) that highlighted Dr. Peter Buerhaus’ Nurse Practitioners: A Solution to America’s Primary Care Crisis report. Both the report and event featured Dr. Buerhaus’ original research, which recommends removing barriers to patient access to NP care in health institutions, improving physician understanding of the contributions that NPs bring to health care and removing restrictions on scope of practice to address the primary care shortage and improve access to care. If you missed it, please click the link to watch a recording of the AEI event to learn more.

No matter the type of patients you care for, please speak out.  We are all working toward the same goal of excellent patient care. Thank you for all you do every day to provide evidence based, quality patient care. 

Best wishes,

Susan Conaty-Buck, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

DCNP President, 2018-2020