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DCNP joins Facebook!

Posted 6 months ago by Brandy Magee

Hello DCNP members,

    After much discussion, the board of DCNP is excited to announce that we are LIVE with a Facebook page. The private page has been active for only a few days and has quickly accumulated 84 members. There has already been great networking and communication from NPs across the state!

   All DCNP related posts will continue to be posted on this ENP website. If you would like to check out our Facebook page there are links now accessible at the top and bottom of the ENP website home screen.

    A special thank you to Meghan Schepens for facilitating this wonderful opportunity for NPs across our great state!


Margaret Gatti 4 months ago

how do i log into tonight's meeting?

Meghan Schepens 3 months ago

The meeting is tomorrow. An email will be coming out today for login information

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