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Just a spoon full of sugar (and alcohol) make the politics go down...

Posted about 2 months ago by Susan Conaty-Buck

 Hi everyone...

Many of us miss meeting in person for our monthly DCNP educational dinner seminars. 

Some miss the chance to spend time with colleagues,

some like the opportunity to try new foods (and adult beverages),

some like the knowledge they gain from the programs.  Some like all of these. 


We believe its important that NPs continue to connect with each other

and DCNP will continue to provide our members with

safe educational opportunites using virtual meetings

until we are given the all clear to dine out in groups again.


However, like may groups, we have noted a fair amount of Zoom narcosis with members sitting 

hour after hour after hour

watching meetings and presentations

.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


So to spice thing up a bit,

we are going to try something new this week to help members connect

and perhaps even have a bit of fun talking about a serious topic. 

This week we are asking anyone attending

 "Somebody Needs to Fix That" 

Advocating for NPs: A Special DCNP Members' Webinar 

(to register for this go the ENP website for DCNP)

to CONSIDER (please don't delete your enrollment - we won't shame anyone eating Lean Cuisine)

showing off what they are eating and drinking. 


If there is interest  we can even share cooking/mixology tips.

And yes,

because we are going to discuss advocacy and politics,

we all need to bring our special foods and drinks to

 make the politics go down

"in the most delightful way." 

(sorry, Sound of Music fans - I will leave my guitar home).