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The Primary May be As Important as the Final Election

Posted about 2 months ago by Susan Conaty-Buck

Dear Fellow NPs: 

Tuesday September 15 is the Delaware Primary election. Your vote may impact who shapes Delaware healthcare and NP practice for the next two years. 

In addition to many local primaries for your city/town/county (important because these winners are the local officials, state representatives and senators who vote on local and state laws and regulations) there a number of state office primaries. 

Primary elections with more than one candidate for roles important to healthcare laws and policy in Delaware are being held for U.S. Senator (4 candidates), two Republicans for U.S Representative with the winner to challenge the current Democratic Representative, eight contenders for Governor, and two for Insurance Commissioner

Click on this for the list of candidates:  

Who Is Running for Office in Delaware

Here is more information about voting: 

When can I vote?

  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for general, special, and primary elections.

Where do I vote?

  • Your vote at the building listed on your polling place card.
  • Find out where you vote by using the State's 

    Polling Place Locator.

  • Call the Department of Elections (302-577-3464) to find out where you vote.

Do I have to show ID to vote?

  • No, but, poll workers will ask you to show proof of identity. If you do not show ID, you must fill out a form before you can vote.
  • Showing ID makes checking you in faster and reduces mistakes.
  • IDs may include:
    • Delaware Drivers License or State ID
    • U. S. Passport
    • Signed Polling Place or Social Security Card
    • Signed vehicle registration
    • Signed credit card with photo
    • A similar document that identifies the person by photo or signature

Get on your mask and get out the vote