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Important Notification Pertaining to DEA License Renewals

Posted 6 months ago by Suzette Flores

This an important notification for NP's in the State of Delaware.
“The DEA Registration and Program Support Section has identified many Practitioners and Mid-Level Practitioners’ DEA Registration numbers that are tied to Medical State Licensure and/or their CSR license numbers past their expiration date.  
In the event the DEA recognizes an expired state license/CSR, a proactive alert email will be sent to remind registrants to renew their state license/CSR asap in lieu of facing termination of their Federal DEA license. If the license has not been corrected in 30 days after expiration, the registrant will receive a second notification stating the registration is in jeopardy of having an "Order to Show Cause" terminating the registrant's license due to non-compliance with Federal law and state compliance".
If questions, please feel free to reach out to Suzette Flores or Cynthia Groening.