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CALL TO ACTION TO SUPPORT H.R. 6087 - Improving Access to Workers' Compensation for Injured Federal Workers Act

Posted 5 months ago by Suzette Flores

This is a call to action to contact your state Senators to support H.R. 6087. Your input does make a difference and helps impact NP practice in our state and in our nation.

H.R. 6087 was passed by the House on 6/7/2022 and needs to move thru the Senate, then on to the President, and then signed into law. AANP has made huge strides to be able to move H.R. 6087 thru the House.

H.R. 6087 expands the role of NP's and PA's acting within the scope of their practice to be able to:

1. Prescribe or recommend treatment for injured federal workers.

2. Certify the nature of an injury and probable extent of disability.

3. Provide prescribed treatment for injured federal workers.

4. Participate, with a physician designated by the Department of Labor, in a mandatory workers' compensation examination of an injured worker. In general, only physicians may fulfill these roles under the current law.

Please contact the below Senators asap.

Senator Chris Coons


Senator Tom Carper

Examples you may want to touch include:

State why you support or oppose the bill or other issue.

Choose up to three of the strongest points that support your position and state them clearly.

Tell your representative how you want her or him to vote on this issue